Telfer CO-OP Final Report Guidelines

TELFER School of Management

Professor Muriel Mignerat, Ph.D.
Member of Faculty Coop Team

Please note that as a University of Ottawa student, you must use your University of Ottawa address for all e-mail correspondence related to your Co-op work term.  In the event your faculty COOP team member needs to communicate with you, s/he will use your University of Ottawa e-mail address.  It is your responsibility to monitor this regularly.

The Telfer School of Management Final CO-OP Report Guidelines, also known as the <Telfer  Coop Guidelines>, are specifically tailored to Telfer BCom students to support achieving your learning objectives, performance objectives and leadership development objectives in your work terms, to benefit both your academic studies and your future professional career in management. 

The CO-OP final report is an opportunity for you to reflect on and synthesize your work term experiences in a meaningful way as you prepare for your future career. The very best reports draw the reader into the experience so effectively that the reader “lives” the experience from your eyes. You also take responsibility and demonstrate professionalism in your work.

For students doing an 8-month continuous work term, please refer to Section 3.0 below.

Upload your coop report in .pdf format to COOP Navigator. Be sure to check under “Upcoming Key Dates” on the CO-OP program website for the exact deadline date.

1.0   Telfer Co-op Final Report Performance Evaluation

Your final report must include the following five required elements:

  1. signed statement of academic integrity;
  2. main report, that includes clear statement of your objectives, including two learning, three performance and one leadership development objectives respectively;
  3. employer’s mid-term evaluation;
  4. employer’s final evaluation, in its entirety; and
  5. student post-work term evaluation.

Upon evaluation of your work term report, you will receive comments and confirmation whether your final report is either a PASS; or FAIL.

  • In some cases, you may be accorded a chance to resubmit at the discretion of your faculty coop team member. Being accorded a chance to

    resubmit is not automatic in all cases. If you are allowed to resubmit, you will receive specific suggestions for improvement and a due date for re-submission. If that re-submission does not meet expectations, or a re-submission is not received by the re-submission deadline given, you will receive a grade of Fail on your Co-op final report.

If you do not submit and upload a satisfactory final report by the stated deadline, you will:

  • receive a grade of INC (for non-submission) or F on your transcript for your Co-op work term, which will count as a 0 in the calculation of your grade point average;
  • not earn the 3 credits from the Co-op work term; and  
  • be withdrawn from the Co-op program.

Please note that it is possible to receive an excellent employer evaluation and still not achieve a passing grade on your final report.


2.0  Telfer Co-op Final Report Structure

    2.1 Formatting and Organization of the Report
  • Organize your report in clear sections with headings and subheadings.
  • Electronic documents should be submitted in .pdf format.
  • The report must include all required elements as one integrated report.  
  • Please use Times New Roman 10 point font, single-spaced.
  • Include page numbers
  • Be sure to proofread and edit your report carefully.


    2.2 Elements and Structure of the Report

The final report should contain the following elements, each tailored to the content of your report and your experiences during your work term, and respect the following order:

  • Professional cover letter, addressed to either faculty coop team member
  • Title page with organization’s logo
  • Executive summary
  • Table of contents, including a list of appendices
  • Signed statement of academic integrity
  • Report itself, including the following numbered sections:
    1. Introduction
    2. Description of the organization and organizational unit
    3. Duties and responsibilities
    4. Reflections on your objectives, including learning, performance and leadership objectives
    5. Conclusion, including your career aspirations.
  • References
  • Appendices, including a list of your objectives (two learning, three performance and one leadership development objectives, respectively); a glossary of acronyms, if you have five or more in the text; the employer’s mid-term evaluation, the employer’s final evaluation; and student post-work term evaluation. 


The following sections provide details on these elements.

    2.2.1  Professional cover letter

The cover letter should be professionally-written, single-spaced, succinct, and should follow appropriate business format. Please address it to Professor Muriel Mignerat.

The cover letter must contain the following information:

  • Your full address (your permanent address and University e-mail address)
  • Date
  • Salutation
  • Subject
  • Your Co-op course code
  • Name of employer and name of supervisor
  • Position held and/or position title
  • Acknowledgements to your supervisor and those at the work term site who supported you
  • Your own overall evaluation of this work term
  • Your handwritten or digital signature, your name and student number
    2.2.2.  Report title page

In your choice of title, be specific and creative. Include the logo of your organization, if permitted.


    2.2.3   Statement of academic integrity

Carefully read the information on the following website Be sure to include a signed and dated copy of Appendix A - Statement of Academic Integrity.


    2.2.4   Table of Contents

Include a well-organized table of contents with page numbers. Number your sections and subsections accordingly. List your Appendices with a clear title. Label each Appendix section as A, B, C and so forth. 


    2.2.5   Executive Summary

The executive summary should be a single-spaced 1-page document. This succinct summary of your report includes a brief description of your work term organization and your duties and responsibilities, as well as comments on your progress toward the learning and performance and leadership development objectives.


    2.2.6   Main Body of the Report

The main body report should be up to 2500 words or up to four single-spaced pages. Please use Times New Roman font in 10 or 12 points format.  

The main body of the report should include the following sections clearly marked:

  1. Introduction
  2. Description of your organization (Branch and Department) and work unit

    Briefly describe the organization and divisions (Branches, Departments, Work units). Include the number of employees. You may wish to include subsections 2.1, 2.2, etc

  3. Description of your work term duties and responsibilities

     Briefly describe your responsibilities and tasks succinctly.

4.  Work-term Objectives and Experiences

     Divide into three clear subsections:

       4.1 Learning objectives;

      4.2 Performance objectives;

      4.3 Leadership development objectives.

     There should be two learning objectives, three performance objectives and one leadership development objective. In each clearly state each objective, using the SMART system, if possible.  After stating each objective, comment and explain to what extent that objective has been achieved.  

5. Conclusion

    Describe your career aspirations, including professional designation, if relevant. Reflect on the extent to which this work term experience relates to your specialization and the extent to which the experience has enhanced your professional career goals and aspirations. If this is your last work term, relate your experience to prior work term experiences.


    2.2.7  References

Include a bibliography of well-formatted, current and diverse references, including relevant interviews, websites, internal documents, textbooks and outside readings.  Refer to a manual of style (APA, Canadian, Chicago, Turabian or other recognized version) if you are unsure of how to format your citations. Wikipedia is NOT accepted as a source.


    2.2.8   Appendices

Include the following appendices:

  1. Glossary of acronyms, if your text has more than five acronyms;
  2. List of two learning objectives, three performance objectives and one leadership development objective;
  3. Employer’s mid-term evaluation;
  4. Employer’s final evaluation. Include the ENTIRE completed form, including the name of the supervisor and summative evaluation; and
  5. Student post work-term evaluation. Please add suggestions for areas of improvement, if you have indicated areas of dissatisfaction. If necessary, add an extra page of suggestions.


3.0   Telfer students on an 8-month Coop work-term

If you are doing two consecutive four-month work terms within the same organization, please:

Upload an interim progress report in the form of a business letter in .pdf format on the COOP Navigator. Be sure to check under “Upcoming Key Dates” on the CO-OP program website for the exact deadline date.

  • This should be in the form of a business letter of up to 1,000 words (or less) or up to two single-spaced pages. Please note that a reference list, executive summary and table of contents are NOT required for this interim report. You must however attach and upload a completed employer’s evaluation and your student evaluation forms to the business letter, as appendices.

This should include the following elements:

  • Your full name, student number, your permanent address and University email address
  • Date
  • Subject
  • Your Co-op course code
  • Salutation to Professor Muriel Mignerat
  • Name of employer and name of supervisor
  • Position held and/or position title
  • Briefly describe the organization and your main responsibilities
  • List of two learning objectives, three performance objectives and one leadership development objective
  • Your assessment of own overall progress and evaluation of this work term
  • Your signature, your name and student number
  • A complete employer’s evaluation should be appended
  • A student evaluation form should be appended to the business letter.

Upload your 8-month Final Coop Report in .pdf format on the COOP Navigator. Be sure to check under “Upcoming Key Dates” on the CO-OP program website for the exact deadline date.

This four-page final report should be up to 2,500 words or less, following the instructions of Section 2.0 above.

If you are doing 3 consecutive work terms within the same organization (without a study period in between), please proceed as above. However, you will need to submit a second ‘interim report’ at the close of the second of three consecutive work terms.


4.0  Telfer Coop Confidential reports

All Telfer coop reports are deemed and treated as strictly confidential. In some cases, your supervisor at your work term placement may request that he/she would like the report assessed internally. If so, please email a request to a member of the Telfer Coop faculty team as  soon as possible and at least 20 business days before the report due date.


5.0   Telfer School Coop Assistance

If you have further questions regarding the Telfer Coop guidelines and submissions, please contact Professor Muriel Mignerat .

For planning your academic/Coop program, please contact Matt Archibald at

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