Working on campus as a research assistant through CO-OP

Can I be hired to work on campus as a research assistant through CO-OP?

In accordance with the collective agreement between the University of Ottawa and the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) Local 2626, students can be hired to work on campus as research assistants through CO-OP.

All contracts in which job duties include research tasks, as defined in Section 4.3.5 of the CUPE 2626 collective agreement, are subject to this collective agreement.

4.3.5 Research Assistant

Shall be defined as a student hired to provide services in the context of carrying out research activities. Duties and tasks may include but are not limited to the performance of clerical, laboratory or any technical tasks, or the organization of research-related events.

As stipulated in the CUPE collective agreement, students hired through CO-OP to work as campus-based research assistants must pay union dues.

Hourly rates of pay for research assistants hired through CO-OP

Academic level First CO-OP term Second CO-OP term Third CO-OP term Fourth CO-OP term Fifth CO-OP term
Undergraduate $14.43 $15.42 $16.49 $17.64 $18.91
Graduate (master’s) $18.91 $20.40 $22.04 $23.78 NA
  • These rates are subject to change each year.
  • Rates of pay are determined by the student’s academic level and by how many CO-OP terms the student has completed.
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