International Studies and Modern Languages

Admission requirements
  • Be registered full-time in the Honours BSocSc in International Studies and Modern Languages program
  • Have a minimum cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 6 in courses taken at the University of Ottawa
  • Have completed all your first-year course requirements, and be registered in your mandatory second-year fall and winter courses
  • Students admitted into first year must have completed all third language requirement courses with the exception of the culture or civilization course prior to their first CO-OP work-term.
  • Students admitted into second year must have completed at least the intermediate level 2 of their third language requirements prior to the first CO-OP work-term.

CO-OP programs have limited enrolment. Meeting the admission criteria does not guarantee you a place. Admission is based on your CGPA. We admit those with the highest CGPA first.

Work/Study sequences

Sequence 1 - by default, all students follow this sequence

Year of Study Fall Winter Summer
1 Study Study -
2 Study Study -
3 Study Study Work 1
4 Study Work 2 Work 3
5 Study - -

Sequence 2 - for students admitted into second year who have been granted the equivalent of 15 course units

Year of Study Fall Winter Summer
1 - - -
2 Study Study -
3 Study Study Work 1
4 Study Study Work 2
5 Work 3 Study -

CO-OP fees

As a CO-OP student, you also pay CO-OP fees (announced every year by the Registrar) for the session before your first work term and then for every work term, up to and including your last one.

Some of our employers include
  • Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada
  • Global Affairs Canada
  • [List to come]
Examples of tasks at work
  • Interpreting scientific research and relevant multicultural biases when addressing political issues
  • Making oral presentations on international issues, research and policy
  • Providing intercultural perspectives on political issues
  • Researching and writing reports
  • Working in multidisciplinary teams to formulate policy proposals
Student salaries
How to apply

Two easy ways to apply :

1 - Reserved placement

When applying for regular admission to the University, you can also apply for direct admission to any CO-OP program except Biomedical Science, Translation and graduate-level programs. The average mark required to be eligible for direct admission into CO-OP is

  • 80% or higher for students admitted in first year.
  • 75% or higher for applicants who have completed at least two years of CEGEP.

To keep your reserved placement in CO-OP, you must obtain a cumulative grade point average of at least 8.0 and meet the admission requirements of your chosen CO-OP program until you are formally admitted into the Program (September 30 or March 1 of your second year of studies, depending on the program). Otherwise, you will lose your reserved spot in CO-OP and have to compete with regular applicants for admission.

If you apply for direct admission and are not granted a placement, don't worry. You can re-apply during your second year at University (see section 2)

2 - Applying once at the University of Ottawa

You can apply for CO-OP after you have registered at the University of Ottawa. Application deadlines and admission requirements vary from program to program, so be sure to check individual program pages online for specific information.

Steps to follow in order to apply from the University via UoZone:

  • UoZone
  • From the Applications menu, click on CO-OP Navigator

If you have any questions about your application, please contact our office by phone at 613 562-5741 or by e-mail at

Application Deadline: September 30 of your third year of studies

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