Economics (MA)

An investment that works

By hiring a CO-OP student from the University of Ottawa, you are investing in a winning combination! You get a motivated and enthusiastic employee while giving a student the chance to put their academic training to the test. The University of Ottawa is the place to recruit CO-OP students!

Only the top students are admitted to the program. Each one has achieved a cumulative grade point average of at least 7 out of 10 (a B+ average). Students begin their first work term after one complete year of study, giving them a strong academic foundation to help them succeed on the job. You may choose French-speaking, English-speaking or bilingual students. The sequence of work and study terms is shown below.

Skills that are in demand

By the time MA students in economics begin their first CO-OP work term, they have successfully completed courses in:

  • Microeconomic theory
  • Macroeconomic theory
  • Econometrics


They have also completed three optional courses chosen from a range of topics such as international finance, health economics, environmental economics, general equilibrium modelling, monetary economics, labour economics, public economics, time series econometrics, economic growth and development…and more!

Work/Study sequences

Sequence 1 - all students follow this sequence

Year of StudyFallWinterSummer
1StudyStudyWork 1
2Work 2Study-

Sequence 2 - Other Option

Year of StudyFallWinterSummer
1StudyStudyWork 1
2StudyWork 2Study
Examples of tasks at work
  • Analyze economic policy options
  • Carry out econometric research projects
  • Help build forecasting models
  • Monitor trends in key economic variables
  • Prepare presentations on current economic issues
  • Review the latest economic research
  • Write economic reports
Student salaries
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