Communication and Lettres Françaises

An investment that works

By hiring a CO-OP student from the University of Ottawa, you are investing in a winning combination! You get a motivated and enthusiastic employee while giving a student the chance to put their academic training to the test. The University of Ottawa is the place to recruit CO-OP students!

Only the top students are admitted to the program. Each one has achieved a cumulative grade point average of at least 6 out of 10 (a B average). Students begin their first work term after two complete years of study, giving them a strong academic foundation to help them succeed on the job. Students are available year-round.You may choose French-speaking, English-speaking or bilingual students. The sequence of work and study terms is shown below.

Skills that are in demand

By the time they begin their first work term, CO-OP students in Communication-Lettres francaises have been given interdisciplinary training in organizational communications and media, which allows them to develop their synthesis and critical thinking skills. They have also developed their knowledge of French language and literature.


This training means interns will integrate quickly into your work environment, becoming a productive member of your team in no time. They are ready to take up positions in the public service, private enterprise and the not-for-profit sector.


Work/Study sequences

Sequence 1 - all students follow this sequence

Year of StudyFallWinterSummer
2StudyStudyWork 1
3StudyWork 2Study
4Work 3StudyWork 4
Examples of tasks at work
  • Analysis of media coverage
  • Copyediting and proofreading
  • Designing, realizing and implementing communications and public relations campaigns
  • Designing promotional material for the media and the public
  • Designing public opinion surveys
  • Designing web pages
  • Document synthesis and analysis
  • Drafting articles and backgrounders
  • Event promotion
  • Helping to create radio and television scripts
  • Organizing conferences and special events
  • Preparing strategic communication plans
  • Research
  • Speechwriting
  • Writing and arranging research and persuasive texts
Student salaries
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