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Posted on Thursday, September 20, 2018

Author: Noémie Perreault, CO-OP student in Communication and Lettres Françaises

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Being a student means A LOT of studying! Why not get your eyes off the books a little and add hands-on experience to your journey? Your university experience can be much more than studying; take advantage of all the opportunities on and off campus.

By integrating work or volunteer experiences to your degree, you will build up your resumé and stand out. Enrich your academic background with concrete, transferable skills in this ever-changing environment.

Where to start? Volunteering, part-time jobs, CO-OP work terms; uOttawa offers so many options to shape your future. Here are some of them:

CO-OP Programs

Co-operative education at the University of Ottawa allows you to apply concepts learned in class during paid work terms. After about four years of study, you will have not only a diploma that indicates you participated in a CO-OP program but also approximately 16 months of experience in your field of study and a network of valuable contacts. All of these factors will contribute to helping you find a job more easily after graduation.

* Deadline to apply: September 30 of your second year (for most programs)

Career Development Centre

The Career Development Centre offers various services and resources to assist in your job search: strategies adapted to each program of study, online resources and job search tools, resumé and cover letter critiques, interview simulations, LinkedIn profile critiques and professional LinkedIn photos.

The Centre is also allowing you to network with employers recruiting at the University of Ottawa through a dozen career fairs a year.

* Don’t miss the upcoming events:

Michaëlle Jean Centre for Global and Community Engagement

The Michaëlle Jean Centre for Global and Community Engagement promotes lifelong community engagement and social responsibility among uOttawa students. Here are a few ways to get involved:

  • Days of Service: You do not have a lot of time but would like to meet other students or learn more about organizations working in the National Capital Region, choose a Day of Service.
  • Extracurricular Volunteering: Did you know that the Centre currently has over 2000 community engagement opportunities on the Community Engagement Navigator?  You need help to find one? Come to see us at Tabaret Hall room 304 during our drop-in hours.
  • Co-Curricular Record: Get recognized for your level of engagement and commitment, keep your Co-curricular record up to date. We can also show you how to build your résumé through volunteering.

Work-Study Program (WSP)

The Work-Study Program is a great way to combine work and a university education: you work part time during the school year and full time over the summer. Since you work on campus, you minimize travel time to and from class and benefit from a flexible schedule that allows you to really prioritize your studies.

* Application periods:

  • To work during Fall term: August 7 to October 4, 2018
  • To work during Winter term: December 1, 2018 to January 31, 2019
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