The Co-operative Education Programs and the Career Development Centre Joins Forces

Posted on Thursday, August 10, 2017

A World of Opportunities - COOP and Careers


In 2015, the Co-operative Education Programs and the Career Development Centre joined forces to provide students and employers with the services and resources needed to satisfy the requirements of the ever-changing job market. Both services have maintained their distinct roles, but their collaborative approach as the CO-OP and Careers team ensures that the unique needs of all who come through our doors are met.

For employers

The CO-OP and Careers team gives employers access to highly qualified and motivated individuals for CO-OP placements, internships, part-time positions, summer jobs and careers. Whether through career fairs, online job posting boards or on-campus information tables, we make sure to connect employers to the right students and alumni.

For students

The CO-OP and Careers team provides students with the tools and resources to not only succeed, but to thrive once they enter the workplace. Student have access to a long list of services, including workshops, job search support, mock interview sessions and career counselling, as well as experiential learning opportunities, such as CO-OP placements, to prepare them to successfully transition into the job market after graduation.

The CO-OP and Careers team works together to improve the client experience, offer more services, develop experiential learning opportunities and ensure student success and employer satisfaction.


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