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Posted on Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Back in 1873, Jules Vernes published an adventure novel called “Around the World in 80 Days”. Who hasn’t dreamed of living this adventure? But doing so in under 3 months might be quite a challenge. At the CO-OP Office, we think that 16 months might be a more realistic timeframe to get you to see the world or at least, a good part of it. That is exactly why we offer the mobility option.

Mobility offers CO-OP students the opportunity to gain a truly rewarding personal and professional experience by doing their internship outside of the Ottawa area. Do you ever wonder what it would be like to work in a city like Tokyo, Sydney or Vancouver? See what some of our students had to say about their experience abroad.

A student in China

“Because I’ve jumped at each and every opportunity, my experience abroad now includes an international studies exchange program in Sydney, a CO-OP work term in New York City, international courses in London, England, and Santiago de Chile and, now, a work term in Shanghai. For me, combining travel with studies or work was the best way to explore the world and become a “local” in any community around the globe.”

-Andreea Crisan, Civil Law - China 

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A student in Netherlands

“Working abroad in the Netherlands, I had two vacation days each month that I could use to take four-day trips, and I made the most of these extra-long weekends by travelling to seven different countries in Europe. I would encourage all students to take the opportunity to go abroad, especially for a work term. The independence you gain from moving to a new country alone is one thing, but the experiences you gain from learning about new cultures and meeting new people, in addition to the valuable work experience, are truly unforgettable.”

-Nicole McMartin, International Development and Globalization - Netherlands

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A student in India

“I fully immersed myself in Indian culture, and as a result, I acquired and strengthened many personal and professional skills. I also observed social issues from an entirely new perspective, and came to realize that the things we are taught have importance beyond the classroom.”

-Lindy Quann, Biopharmaceutical Science - India

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A student in Yukon

“Scenic, historical, spiritual are a few words that describe my experience. Whitehorse is not too big, yet still not a small town. Everywhere around you, there is an outdoor activity to participate in, it is easy to get to know people, there is vibrant First Nations culture present everywhere and the food is great.”

-Neil McGrath, Sociology - Yukon

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Those are only some of the stories of our mobile students.  In our 40-year history, all CO-OP students combined have probably circled the globe more than once.  Any CO-OP student can gain up to 16 months of experience abroad throughout their four internships. Travelling is fun, but immersing yourself in the culture with CO-OP is even better. What will your story be?

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