CO-OP: A world of opportunities

What is CO-OP?

Co-operative education at the University of Ottawa allows you to apply concepts learned in class during paid work terms. After about four years of study, you will have not only a diploma that indicates you participated in a CO-OP program but also approximately 16 months of experience in your field of study and a network of valuable contacts. All of these factors will contribute to helping you find a job more easily after graduation.

Top five reasons to join a CO-OP program:

  • Gain valuable paid work experience in your field of study
  • Develop professional skills and gain a better understanding of the workplace
  • Discover what career fits you through different job opportunities
  • Meet key people in the job market who will facilitate your placement after graduation
  • Travel and meet interesting people

How does it work?

Preparing for summer CO-OP placements - at a glance:


Fall of second year*

Prepare for CO-OP

  • Apply to CO-OP (before September 30*)
  • Receive admission decision in mid-October.
  • Attend mandatory workshops.

*For most programs


Winter of second year

Begin job search

  • Apply for jobs through CO-OP Navigator.
  • Attend interviews with employers.
  • Receive notice when you are matched with an employer.


Summer of second year

Complete work term

  • Set work term objectives.
  • Participate in mid-term evaluation.
  • Write and submit final report.

I have a reserved spot in the CO-OP Program

Reserved spot in CO-OP program


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