COVID-19: FAQ for CO-OP Students

Leaving a voicemail for the CO-OP Office
InformationWhen leaving a voicemail for the CO-OP Office, ensure that you clearly state your full name, student and phone number. This will allow our staff to look at your case and call you back.

We have received many questions about the impact of potential work disruptions due to COVID-19.  

We have listed some frequently asked questions below to address your concerns: 

I should be doing a CO-OP Work Term this summer but I have yet to be matched. What are my options?

Click on one of the below links to find out what are your options according to your situation.

What should I do if my Summer 2020 employer advises me that my placement is cancelled?

Contact the CO-OP office ( and a member of our team will take the necessary steps to provide you with the appropriate guidance.

What if I am participating in second round but don’t have a placement yet?

The CO-OP office is actively working with a wide variety of employers and will be posting jobs as they receive them. You can also book a phone or virtual appointment with us by sending an email to or by leaving a voicemail at 613-562-5741.

Can I request to work from home? 

The University of Ottawa CO-OP is asking students to follow their employers’ instructions, whether they be to work from home or self-isolate. We will allow CO-OP students to work from home, but understand that not all CO-OP employment is conducive to remote work.

What if there is a COVID-19 case on my work site? 

Ask your employer to inform the CO-OP Office if there is any risk of exposure for our students and if there are some resulting actions, such as work site relocation or being asked to work from home. Your employer can inform his primary CO-OP contact or email as soon as possible. 

Is the CO-OP office still open? 

The CO-OP Office is not opened but the CO-OP team is working remotely. 

You can contact the CO-OP Office via email at or by leaving a voicemail at 613-562-5741. 

How will interviews be done for future placements? 

In the context of COVID-19, we are shifting to remote interviews (phone interviews) and we are still actively working on the Summer placement. 

What happens if my work term is delayed? 

We are very flexible regarding work term start dates and allow you to start your work term  as late as June 1st, 2020. All requests for work terms starting after June 1st will be evaluated on a case by case basis. 

What is the University of Ottawa CO-OP policy on early end dates on work terms? 

During this unique time, the University of Ottawa CO-OP students will not be penalized for early end dates on their winter work term 

Will I still get the credit for the work term, even if I am released early or I start later? 

Yes, as long as you submit and passes the required work term deliverables. During this unique time, we will be flexible on work term duration. Do not hesitate to contact us via email (coop@uottawa.caor phone (613-562-5741) if you have any questions or concerns. 

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