COVID-19: FAQ for CO-OP Students

Leaving a voicemail for the CO-OP Office
InformationWhen leaving a voicemail for the CO-OP Office, ensure that you clearly state your full name, student and phone number. This will allow our staff to look at your case and call you back.

We have received many questions about the impact of potential work disruptions due to COVID-19.  

We have listed some frequently asked questions below to address your concerns: 

Is the CO-OP office still open? 

Please note: As of August 31st, the CO-OP Office will be partially open with limited frontline services. While we still encourage you to contact us by email ( or by phone (613-562-5741) our office will be open Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. for those of you that would like stop by.

Can I take courses while I’m doing a CO-OP work term? 

You can only take one evening course.

Despite the current unique situation where you find yourself studying at a distance, CO-OP students can only take one evening class while on a work term, as long as it doesn’t prevent you from following the required course sequence in the academic session after your work term (because you’re now further ahead in the sequence or because you don’t have enough courses left to remain full time).

What happens if my work term is delayed? 

For the Fall work term, we are very flexible regarding work term start dates. All requests for work terms starting after October 1st will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

How will interviews be done for future placements? 

In the context of COVID-19, we are shifting to remote interviews (phone or video interviews) and we are still actively working on the Summer placement. See below for winter 2021 info. 

If my work term is shortened due to the COVID-19 pandemic, do I still have to pay the full CO-OP fee?

Yes. Regardless of how long your work term is, you are still registered to a work term course for which you will be receiving academic credits once successfully completed. Those credits will count towards your CO-OP Mention.

Will I still get the credit for the work term, even if I am released early or I start later? 

Yes, as long as you submit and passes the required work term deliverables. During this unique time, we will be flexible on work term duration. Do not hesitate to contact us via email (coop@uottawa.caor phone (613-562-5741) if you have any questions or concerns. 

What if there is a COVID-19 case on my work site? 

Ask your employer to inform the CO-OP Office if there is any risk of exposure for our students and if there are some resulting actions, such as work site relocation or being asked to work from home. Your employer can inform his primary CO-OP contact or email as soon as possible. 

WINTER 2021 Work Term Info
Will the current Covid-19 pandemic affect the Winter 2021 CO-OP placement process? 

The Winter 2021 CO-OP placement process will still go ahead, but it will follow a virtual continuous placement format (similar to Round 2). Jobs will become active as of September 21, and phone or video interviews will start on September 30. Given that Fall 2020 term classes are being offered online and the campus has not reopened, and given that employers are working remotely, a virtual continuous placement process offers more flexibility to both students and employers. 

What does a “virtual continuous placement format” mean? 

As of September 21, you will be able to apply for jobs every day. As of September 28, employers will have access to student resumés and will start scheduling phone or video interviews, giving students at least 48-hours’ notice. The CO-OP Office will let you know how the employer will reach you for the interview. You will not need to come to campus. To help us, please make sure your phone number and Skype ID are up-to-date in the CO-OP navigator (NAV): see question below for how to do this. 

If I choose to participate in the virtual placement process, what do I need to do? 

To participate in the interview process, you will need to update your phone number through your uoZone account and check your Skype username in the NAV.

  • Your Skype username: To see your Skype name, tap or click your profile picture and your Skype name will be displayed on your profile. If you do not have a Skype account, please create one and then add your Skype name. To enter your username, go to your “Profile” section in the NAV and enter it in the Skype text field and click “Save”.
  • Telephone number: Enter your mobile number, i.e., the number you will be using for phone interviews, in uoZone. It will be updated in the NAV within 24 hours.
  • Please note that due to these conditions, we will need to share your Skype name and/or telephone number with employers conducting interviews.
How can I get more information about the virtual continuous placement process and how it will work? 

Our team of professional development specialists will be offering a webinar for students who want to better understand the process. The webinar is available on Brightspace for students who didn't have the hance to attend.

Am I expected to move ahead with my winter 2021 work term? 

The winter 2021 placement process will go ahead. The process has been modified and adapted to our new reality with student and employer success in mind. At this point in time, students that have a winter work term in their sequence will be able to move forward as sequences will not be changed. Keep in mind that our Professional Development specialists team is still available to meet with you to discuss process preparedness and to help you practice for your interviews.

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