CO-OP Professional development

CO-OP training is offered online and in-person or in a hybrid format. Here is a brief overview of the workshops that will lead you to success.

Welcome to CO-OP! (in-person)

*NOTE for the Summer 2021 cohort, the Welcome to CO-OP workshop is all online

This online information session, gives you clear information (including important dates) on the CO-OP Program, with emphasis on your responsibilities.
After this information session, you will:

  • Be able to accept your CO-OP offer of admission.
  • Better understand your role as a CO-OP student.
  • Better understand the role of employers in the CO-OP process.
  • Better understand the role of the CO-OP Office.
  • Be able to understand key dates and meet the deadlines.

Please find and review the Prezi presentation and the Welcome to CO-OP PDF booklet under the first Module in our Vitual Campus (BrightSpace) course entitled Welcome to CO-OP.

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Realities of the Job Market (online)

This online module will help you focus on your future career while keeping in mind the realities of the job market. Understanding the job market is essential to your success because it enables you to adjust your dreams to reality.

After this session, you'll know more about the realities of:

  • The labor market.
  • Co-op employment opportunities.
  • The competitive nature of job searches.

Workshop delivery

The module is provided through Virtual Campus.

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CO-OP Resumés (hybrid)

This workshop covers resume-writing in our Web-based CO-OP Navigator. During this workshop, you will:

  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your resume.
  • Tailor your qualifications to employer expectations.
  • Build a resume using the CO-OP Navigator that highlights your accomplishments and skills.
  • Make your resume meet approval requirements.
Instructions on how to send your resume by e mail:
  1. If you have a Windows computer and Adobe Acrobat Pro is not installed on it, download and install “PDFCreate” at no cost (or any similar software);
  • If you are using Google Chrome, install the extension called Open Frame.
  1. In the COOP Navigator, open your resume;
  2. Right-click on your resume and according to your browser;
  • Internet Explorer: click on “Print”
  • Firefox: select “this frame” and click on “print this frame”
  • Safari: click on “print this frame”
  • Chrome: select Open Frame, click on “Open Frame in new tab”, right-click on the document and click “print”
  1. If your PC work with Windows, choose the PDF printer (ex: Adobe PDF or PDFCreator) and click on “Print”;
  2. If you have a Mac, click on “PDF” and “Save as a PDF”;
  3. Follow the instructions for naming and save your PDF in your folders;
  4. You can now send this PDF by email.
Applying to CO-OP jobs (online)

Applying to CO-OP jobs (online)

This online module will help you maximize your CO-OP job opportunities.

Learn tips and tricks to:

  • Search, view, and apply for jobs in the COOP Navigator.
  • Better understand job descriptions.
  • Increase your success rate by assessing your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Gauge how many applications you will have to make to obtain a match.
  • Security clearance information.


Workshop delivery

The session is given through Virtual Campus.

Register to the CO-OP Resume in-person workshop.


CO-OP Interviews (hybrid)

Increase job offers with interview strategies and tips you will learn in this online module followed by an in-person workshop, specifically tailored to the CO-OP experience.
After this module and workshop, you will:

  • Better understand the employer's perspective and their assessment process.
  • Present a more professional image.
  • Prepare for interviews using a six-step procedure that includes:
    1. Analyzing job descriptions;
    2. Matching your qualifications to the job requirements;
    3. Researching the employer;
    4. Preparing answers to interview questions;
    5. Preparing questions to ask employers;
    6. Anticipating the employer's interview strategy.
  • Know how to fulfil all administrative requirements, including COOP Navigator ranking procedure


Workshop dates & registration

Module provided through Virtual Campus.

Register to the CO-OP Interviews in-person workshop.

CO-OP Second Round (online)

This information module helps you succeed in the second round, in the context of the current job market. The various services offered to you will also be discussed.
After this information Module, you will

  • Know the difference between the first and second rounds of placement.
  • Better understand the current job market.
  • Be familiar with the various services available to you.
  • Identify a wide range of resources that can assist you in your job search.

Workshop delivery

The session is given through Virtual Campus.


Work Term Excellence (online)

This online Module helps you make the transition from school to work successfully. Topics include setting work-term objectives, dealing with the workplace and completing the work-term report.

After this workshop, you will:

  • Better understand the transition from school to work.
  • Know how to set work-term objectives to maximize learning opportunities.
  • Be prepared for new challenges and issues specific to the workplace.
  • Know all about the work-term report and appropriate writing resources.
Work Term in Review (online)

This online module helps you develop as a professional, with tips on increasing your job performance, so that you can get the most value out of your work terms.
After this workshop, you will:

  • Have a deeper understanding of workplace issues.
  • Know how to recognize your strengths and improve overall work performance.
  • Be able to review and incorporate knowledge gained during the work term.
  • Know how to update your resume effectively, showcasing what you have learned and accomplished during the term.
Goal: To succeed! (online)

This workshop is designed specifically for those who did not get a placement for their first work term, but who have been allowed to continue in CO-OP. You can succeed, and this workshop is designed to help you do just that. You will tackle the issues, obstacles, and concerns specific to your situation.

During this workshop, you will

  • Learn from senior CO-OP students' experiences.
  • Troubleshoot a work-term case.
  • Develop response strategies to a tricky interview question.
  • Clarify your career path and develop your marketable skills.
  • Review and update your resume.

Sign up by invitation only.



Individual Consultations

One-on-one appointments reinforce key concepts covered during the workshops and are tailored to each student’s needs.

CO-OP Resumé Review (30 minutes)

The purpose of this appointment is to provide a personalized assessment of your CO-OP resumé. By attending this meeting, you will improve your resume-writing skills and increase your chances of securing a CO-OP interview. After the appointment, you will be able to:

  • Adapt your resumé, making it relevant to your field by selecting and highlighting the skills required by employers.
  • Create a result-based resumé that highlights your knowledge, skills, and accomplishments.
  • Develop “action statements” that demonstrate transferable skills gained through unrelated work experience.
  • Increase your marketability through resumé layout and skills presentation.
CO-OP Cover-Letter Review (30 minutes)

This appointment provides a personalized assessment of your CO-OP cover letter, allowing you to improve your cover-letter writing skills and increase your chances of securing an interview with employers who request a cover letter as part of their application process.

After this appointment, you will be able to:

  • Structure your cover letter to highlight the qualifications required by employers.
  • Customize your letter to meet employers’ specific needs.
  • Increase your marketability through cover-letter layout and skills presentation.
Mock Interview (60 minutes)

The purpose of this appointment is to provide a personalized assessment of your skills as an interviewee. The meeting is conducted either as a formal mock interview or as a less formal discussion.

For the mock interview, you will be asked to select a CO-OP job for which you would like to practice. You will be expected to prepare for the simulation in the same manner as you would a real interview. The mock interview takes roughly 20 minutes, and you spend the remainder of the hour receiving feedback.

For the discussion-style interview, we will discuss ways to prepare for real interviews. You will explore specific interview questions and receive suggestions on how to best respond.

After this appointment, you will be able to:

  • Improve your interview-preparation skills.
  • Sharpen your verbal and non-verbal communication skills.
  • Develop interview response strategies.
  • Prepare for different interview scenarios, such as phone interviews and multiple interviewers.
Interview Feedback (30 minutes)

This appointment provides additional interview coaching, based on feedback employers have provided. You go over their comments with the PDS, who then gives you constructive suggestions to improve your performance in upcoming interviews.

After this appointment, you will be able to:

  • See how employers perceive you at interviews.
  • Fine-tune your interview answers to improve your presentation.
Job Search Strategies (60 minutes)

This appointment allows you to discuss your overall professional development strategy, including techniques for resumé writing, applying for jobs, interviews, employer ranking, marketing, and long-term and short-term goal setting. The session is customized to your needs.

After this appointment, you will be able to:

  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Structure your job search to ensure success.
  • Overcome challenges in the job search you are conducting.
  • Find answers to specific questions on any aspect of the job search.
  • Use networking skills to improve your contacts and your access to employment opportunities.
  • Adjust your professional development strategy accordingly.
  • Have access to the “Finding your own job” booklet.
Mobility Research Strategies (60 minutes)

Same as Job-Search Strategies meeting with a focus on National and/or International job search

After this meeting, you will be able to:

  • Identify a clear job search objective.
  • Create a resumé specifically for your mobility job search.
  • Understand the job market in the area you wish to find opportunities.
  • Learn how to conduct an online job search.

* the content will be adapted to your needs.

International briefing meeting (30 minutes)

The purpose of this meeting is to discuss your preparation for your upcoming international placement; including the Brightspace International training module, risk management training, possible scholarships, and any questions student may have related to the mobility CO-OP work term.

After this meeting, you will:

  • Understand what training you must complete.
  • Be aware of the documents you must submit prior to your International work term.
  • Have answers to questions related to your preparation for your International work term.
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