CO-OP Work Term Report Guidelines - Addendum to Fourth Year Environmental Science

Following the fourth and final CO-OP work term, students will give a capstone 10-minute oral presentation. These students are expected to summarize and critically reflect on their entire CO-OP experience in this presentation. In the event that the student is not back on campus following their fourth and final CO-OP placement (for instance, spending their last term on exchange abroad) and is, therefore, unable to do a presentation, special arrangements can be made to write an additional short capstone paper in place of the presentation.


Please note that students completing their fourth work term must submit a work-term report and give a 10-minute oral presentation. The presentation forms part of the work-term report grade.

If your report is judged unsatisfactory (fail), you may be given a one-time opportunity to submit a revised version within a prescribed period of time. Please note that a “fail” affects your cumulative grade point average and results in dismissal from the CO-OP program.

Please see Appendix B (Marking Grid).


The 10-minute oral presentation will be scheduled by the Faculty. The presentation date will be after the submission deadline for the work-term report.

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