CDC helps international students take charge of careers

CDC helps international students take charge of careers

By: Prodil Houanhou, CO-OP student in Communication

Sometimes, adapting to a new environment can be a bit of a challenge for international students. You must get used to the climate, the education system, cultural diversity and  Canadian labour market requirements. When you move to a new country, things might not feel familiar at all. The various mentoring centres at the University of Ottawa make students’ adaptation to university life easier. The Career Development Centre makes taking charge of your career even easier for international students.

The Career Development Centre offers a variety of services and information to international students. For example, there are skills valued by employers in Canada that may not be valued elsewhere. And there’s no reason to panic if you need this information. CDC provides a consistent list of employability skills sought out by employers in Canada. CDC’s doors are open every day of the week to help you plan your career, find information about working in Canada and find jobs using the CDC’s job search strategies. Apart from these services, there is also a career development program for international students, which offers several modules to help you prepare your transition into the Canadian labour market. I learned necessary and useful information about immigration by attending the Temporary Residence Status in Canada workshop, given by a Citizenship and Immigration Canada representative. I was completely unaware of how to proceed to become a permanent resident of Canada, but now I know exactly what to do to pass the selection process.

CDC is also a centre that helps students integrate into the professional world. Through various career fairs and networking events, international students get the chance to network with reputable employers. Also, CDC encourages students to keep in mind that all experiences are important for a great career. In short, you can take charge of your career as international student with the Career Development Centre.

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