CO-OP Student Volunteer Award

Every year, the CO-OP Student Volunteer Award is presented to a CO-OP student who has helped us by making an outstanding contribution as a volunteer.

To qualify, nominations must:

  • show that the student has volunteered throughout his or her CO-OP studies
  • demonstrate the student's commitment to CO-OP education, to staff and to fellow students
  • describe the events or activities the student has assisted with
  • explain how the student has grown personally and has helped or inspired fellow students.


NUMBER OF AWARDS: One per year

NOMINATION PERIOD: November / December

AWARD PRESENTATION: During CO-OP Week (February / March)

Details and Eligibility


  • must be registered as full-time CO-OP students
  • must be a volunteer or have volunteered for the CO-OP Ambassadors, the CO-OP Student Association, the CO-OP Coordinating Committee, or anything else involving CO-OP
  • can nominate themselves or be nominated by another person.

The winner is chosen by the CO-OP Student Volunteer Selection Committee, which comprises various CO-OP staff members. 

Timeline for the Year

November / December

Call for nominations

Candidates informed of their nomination

February / March

Award presented during CO-OP Week ceremony 


Pierre Olivier Guerette

Pierre Olivier Guérette - Communication

Faculty of Arts

Pierre Olivier Guérette’s experience with the CO-OP Student Association began in the fall of 2014, when he was named the association’s secretary, as part of his job at the CO-OP office. Knowing the stress of being a CO-OP student, Pierre felt privileged to be able to guide others going through the same process and help students achieve their potential. When his work term at the CO-OP office ended, he continued as a member of the CSA because he found it inspiring. For two full years, Pierre attended numerous meetings, represented the association at the CO-OP Celebration of Excellence last year, promoted and attended association events and recently volunteered as the photographer for the LinkedIn photoshoot.

Danika Lizotte

Danika Lizotte - Communication
Faculty of Arts

We are very excited and grateful to present the 2014 CO-OP Student Volunteer Award to Danika Lizotte, a fourth year CO-OP student in communication. After completing a placement at the CO-OP Office as a marketing and social media assistant, Danika has continued to be involved with various CO-OP initiatives, particularly those encouraging student engagement.  As coordinator of the CO-OP Students Association (CSA), she helped to merge the CSA with the CO-OP mentorship program, making good use of her strategic abilities and know-how. More recently, Danika took part in the 2014 Ontario Universities’ Fair, where she represented the CO-OP program with aplomb. Throughout her time at university, she has shown commitment to the CO-OP program, as well as leadership, initiative and professional ethics. Thanks to her major contributions, Danika is the ideal recipient of this year’s prize, and we are very pleased to recognize her considerable efforts and her assistance with many initiatives in this way.

Mary Whitwell

Mary Whitwell - Communication
Faculty of Arts

Mary Whitwell is a creative and ambitious CO-OP student. She gained experience here at home in media relations and communications as well as international experience by completing a work term in Germany. Mary has devoted much of her time to the CO-OP Student Association, where she attended meetings and worked on various communications projects. She developed a communication strategy for the association and created the Ask a CO-OP Student initiative. As a new way to reach out to potential CO-OP students, this initiative involved a pilot project using Skype calls and in-person visits to answer students' questions. In addition, Mary assisted the CO-OP office by attending the Ontario Universities Fair as a CO-OP student ambassador, promoting the CO-OP program and sharing her experiences with many prospective students.

Leah Wright

Leah Wright - Accounting
Telfer School of Management

Leah Wright is an ambitious, confident student completing a Bachelor of Commerce degree with a specialization in Accounting. She gained experience in administration and finance through extensive studies and by working with the Canadian Federal Government for three different work terms. Her main goal is to become a Chartered Accountant and she will start writing her exams in 2015. When she is not studying or gaining work experience, she likes to volunteer her time with various committees on campus. Currently, she is the co-president of the Right To Play uOttawa Team as well as a mentor for the University of Ottawa's CO-OP Programs. She is also Head, Social within the CO-OP Student Committee. CO-OP has allowed her to succeed in many different areas, and by volunteering with the CO-OP office, she has supported other CO-OP students in reaching their goals.

Amanda Grochowich

Amanda Grochowich - International Management
Telfer School of Management

Recognizing the importance of being involved and of enriching one’s university experience, Amanda has actively pursued a range of experiences throughout her time as a CO-OP student. First, she sought experiences through her CO-OP placements, taking positions both in Ottawa and British Columbia in the public, private and non-profit sectors. Second, she involved herself within the CO-OP program by taking part in the CO-OP Student Committee (serving nine sessions on the promotions sub-committee), the CO-OP Coordinating Committee (serving a one-year term as a student advisor) and the CO-OP Mentorship Program (assisting nine mentees over three years, as well as attending SASS’s Senior Mentorship Committee on behalf of the CO-OP Mentorship Program and multiple information sessions for prospective and new CO-OP students).

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