RBC uOttawa CO-OP Entrepreneurship Program

 RBC uOttawa COOP Entrepreneurship Program - Investing in students, unlocking their potential

What is the RBC CO-OP Entrepreneurship Program?

The RBC CO-OP Entrepreneurship Program will set the standard when it comes to helping students develop an entrepreneurial mindset. RBC’s investment of $450,000 over three years will provide significant new opportunities for entrepreneurially-minded CO-OP students. It will allow them to test ideas and learn the myriad skills needed to get a business off the ground and either graduate to running a full-fledged operation or take part in further incubation programs.

Rather than hoping for a position with an existing company, RBC CO-OP Entrepreneurship Program participants will learn how to become successful entrepreneurs. By investing in students with the passion to develop their entrepreneurial skills, RBC will be creating employment and wealth, while fostering the kind of innovation that is needed for future prosperity.


Three types of entrepreneurial ventures

  1. Business idea or project: Dedicate time to getting your business idea or project off the ground.

  2. Entrepreneurial Apprenticeship: An entrepreneurial apprenticeship provides you with experiential learning opportunities so you can develop your entrepreneurial mindset and innovation skills. This practice-based form of entrepreneurship education gives you the freedom to pursue projects that promote learning by doing and employing new technologies.

  3. Placement in a small start-up where students are exposed to the entire business: Complete a traditional CO-OP placement in a relatively new small business. These placements are designed to introduce you to all aspects of business management.


Who can participate?

CO-OP students from all faculties can apply to the RBC CO-OP Entrepreneurship Program.

  • Applicants should take an entrepreneurship course at the University of Ottawa before applying.
  • Applicants wishing to work on their own business venture should meet with Stephen Daze or Hanan Anis before applying.


Startups that wish to hire a CO-OP student

  • Startups that wish to hire a CO-OP student as part of this program must offer an on-site educational experience in which the student develops an entrepreneurial mindset. While the student can play a particular role within the startup, he or she must also be provided with various learning opportunities and exposure to the ins and outs of running a startup.


What are the advantages for participants?

  1. Four full months to work on cultivating an entrepreneurial edge
  2. Receipt of a $10,000 scholarship and the possibility of receiving an additional $5,000 to continue with your project part time over the next term
  3. Access to core resources and various support services


How to apply - students?

Please fill the online form and make sure to consider the following deadlines:

Targeted Work Term
Application Deadline


March 1


End of March


July 1 (of the year before)


End of July


November 1 (the year before)


End of November


How to apply - startups?

Startups that wish to hire a CO-OP student should email Marc-André Daoust. In the email, please answer the following questions:

  • What type of work will the student be doing?
  • How will you ensure the student receives an on-site educational experience that develops his or her entrepreneurial mindset?
  • Describe the learning opportunities and exposure to the ins and outs of running a startup you will be able to provide.

Be sure to include your company name, company contact person, the program(s) of study you’re interested in recruiting from, the term you’re recruiting for (e.g., Winter 2018, Summer 2018, Fall 2018) and your phone number.

For more information

Please contact Marc-André Daoust (CO-OP Programs). 




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