Photo Contest

Contest Rules and Information


The 2016 CO-OP photo contest is open to all CO-OP students currently registered at the University of Ottawa. 


  • Maximum total submission of five photographs entry per student.
  • Photos, along with a completed consent form, must be submitted by the deadline for submitting your work term report (September 9, 2016).
  • We are looking for original photos that highlight and define your CO-OP experience (see category details below). 


Photographs taken for this contest must be related to your work term.

You may submit photographs of you alone, of you with your supervisor or of you and your co-workers. The photos should be of you on the job during the work term (e.g., at your desk, in the lab, in the shop, out in the field or in other work-related areas). You may submit photos in this category that were taken by you (i.e. you set the camera on self-timer), or by a colleague, if you have received their permission to submit it. Be original!

*If a photograph was taken by a professional photographer (e.g., a photographer hired to take official company photos), it cannot be submitted for this contest.

Ownership and use of photos

All photo entries for the 2016 CO-OP photo contest become the property of the University of Ottawa Co-operative Education Programs Office.

All contestants acknowledge that photos submitted may be used by the University of Ottawa's CO-OP Office in promotional materials, advertisements and online marketing activities.

Awarding prizes

A jury will review the entries and select winners. All decisions made by the jury are final. 

2016 Prizes

At the end of the Summer 2016 placement, 3 winners will be selected.

  • 1st place : 300$
  • 2nd place : 200$
  • 3rd place : 100$ 


The University of Ottawa is not responsible for any submissions made in error, any corrupt files or submissions that are damaged, destroyed, lost, late, not viewable, incomplete or misdirected. The University is not responsible or liable for any damage or loss arising from or connected with the photo contest. Submissions that do not fully comply with the posted contest rules are ineligible. All submissions become the property of the University of Ottawa Co-operative Education Programs Office. By submitting photos for this contest, contestants acknowledge they understand and accept all contest rules.


If you have any questions about this photo contest, please contact Andréane Drouin-Charette (

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2015 Photo Contest Winners

First prize : 300$
Alexa Schryer
Media Relations Office, University of Ottawa
Student with newspapers
Second prize : 200$
Rosalie Forget-Lacoursière
Projects Abroad, South Africa
Student near water in Cape Town South Africa
Third prize : 100$
Danika Lizotte
CAE, Ottawa

Student infront of a plane with Chris Hadfield

2014 Photo Contest Winners

First prize : $500.00

CO-OP student during her work term with Syncrude in Alberta
Laura Wismer
Syncrude, Fort Mcmurray Alberta

Second prize : $250

CO-OP student in a yoga pose in front of the Eiffel Tower
Sara Gill
DATA Company, Paris France

First prize : $500.00

Internal shark tagging practice on a juvenile tiger shark that unfortunately was captured already dead by our research boat the Sinuelo.
Oceanography fishery Laboratory, Rural Federal university of Pernambuco, Brazil

Second prize : St-Laurent Shopping Centre gift card - $150

 Nicholas Legros (myself)
Nicholas Fernand LEGROS
150 Elgin jobsite, Ottawa


Category 1

First prize : $500.00

 Eric Chisholm
Elisabeth Anne GIFFIN
Centre of the Universe, National Research Council, British Columbia

Second prize : $200 Best Buy gift card

 Jenna Findlay
Mid Canada Line, Winisk ON

Third Prize: Fujifilm INSTAX 210 Instant Camera

 Dean Little
Gillian Rebecca FISCHER
Syncrude Canada Ltd.

Category 2

First prize: $500

 Sabina Mihaescu

Second prize: Lomo LC-A+ camera

 Audrey Desmarteaux-Houle
Sapa, Vietnam

Third prize: Fujifilm INSTAX 210 Instant Camera

 Kassandra Woods
Kassandra WOODS
Dakar, Senegal


Category 1

First Prize: $500

Student studying a plant
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada greenhouse

Second Prize: $200 Best Buy Gift Card

A crane working atop a building
Northwood Pulp Mill

Third Prize: $150 American Apparel Gift Card

Un étudiant debout sur un grand camion de construction
MTD, Ottawa

Category 2

First Prize: $500

Une silhouette d'un étudiant assis sur le sol faisant face au Taj Mahal en arrière-plan
Stephen John RODDICK
Agra, India

Second Prize: $200 Best Buy Gift Card

Trois feux d'artifices tirés d'un pont sur une rivière recouverte de neige.
Alexandra Bridge

Third Prize: $150 American Apparel Gift Card

Vue du hublot d'un avion par-dessus son aile sur lequel on voit le logo des Nations Unies. Le haut d'une montagne est visible à l'horizon par-dessus les nuages.
Véronique ETHIER
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