Carmen Poulin Excellence Award

The Carmen Poulin Excellence Award recognizes exemplary contributions to the Co-operative Education Programs.

The programs, which benefitted from Carmen Poulin’s vision, initiative and guidance as a former director, have gained a national and international reputation. Our employees’ enthusiasm, our program quality and our cutting-edge information technology strategy are Carmen’s legacy. This award was created in her honour. 


Liam Peyton

Professeur Liam Peyton

As associate director of the Software Engineering program, Liam realized the importance of hands-on experience. With a vibrant market offering numerous work opportunities, he wanted to make sure all students got the best out of their program, in terms of both theory and practice. What better way to do that than to make CO-OP a required part of the program?

Liam Peyton is a leader who does everything so that students have the best academic experience. His collaboration and assistance have made CO-OP and Software Engineering a winning team. Moreover, his hard work and dedication over the past years will enable other programs to move towards mandatory CO-OP without having to reinvent the wheel.

Poupak Mehrani

Professor Poupak Mehrani

Every year since becoming coordinator for the Chemical Engineering program, Professor Poupak Mehrani has organized a presentation for first work term students, reviewed their resumés before the first round of interviews, performed mock interviews and even referred some students to personal contacts she has outside of the province. She always finds new ways to help her students, and her contributions have truly made a difference in their lives.

Tony Durst

Professor Tony Durst

Professor Durst has had strong links with industry since the beginning of his career in the mid-70s, and has long realized the mutual benefits of linking industry with students. He was instrumental in the creation of many CO-OP opportunities in the mid-90s and has been a CO-OP coordinator for the past 20 years.

Professor Durst is a tireless promoter of CO-OP to students, faculty and potential employers. He also has offered amazing work experiences to many students over the years.

Professor Durst is an outstanding collaborator, a great employer, a mentor and a champion of cooperative education.

Denis Caro

Professor Denis Caro

Professor Caro started the Management Information Systems and Management CO-OP programs in the 1980s and encouraged the launch of the other Telfer CO-OP programs in the late 1990s. He was also instrumental in developing the work term report guidelines for all programs

Professor Caro demonstrates as much passion for and commitment to the Co-operative Education Programs and his CO-OP students as he does in his classrooms. He is constantly motivated by the work experience he can provide to his students, and invests a large amount of energy and enthusiasm into his work as a CO-OP programs coordinator. 

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